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How much production experience do I need to have in order to submit a track?

We are open to producers of all experiences, whether you're a beginner/bedroom producer or have releases under your belt. As long as the tracks submitted are at a good enough sound quality to play out. 

How long does my track have to be? 

Your track should be at least 2 minutes long to allow room for the DJ to incorporate it into their set. Your track can be as long as you like but chances are the whole track won't be played in the set.

Can I submit music I have already released? 

Yes you may. Unreleased tracks, edits, bootlegs, remixes, and released tracks are all permitted, however please ensure you have the right to use the track you submit.

What file type should I submit? 

We only accept mp3 (320kbps).This is the optimal file type for storage space, sound quality and the minimal chance of a corrupt file on the CDJs.

What types of genre or style of music can I send? 

SUBMISSION events are open to many different styles of electronic music. Many of the DJs we book are very versatile, so we don't want people to limit themselves; we encourage you to be creative and experimental. However, in order to give your track a greater chance of being selected, be sure to check who the headline DJs are, do a bit of research on them, and figure out whether the track you want to submit would fit the type of DJ sets they do.

What happens to my track once I have submitted it? 

Once your track is submitted, the SUBMISSION team will listen to it to ensure that the sound quality is good. (These tracks are to be played in a live set on a high quality sound system, so please ensure your track is mixed and mastered to a good standard). The team will then shortlist the tracks, and those tracks will be listened to by the headline DJ(s) who will select the tracks they wish to play in their set at the event.

How will I know if my track has been selected and played?

The best way to find out is to come to the event and hear it for yourself. However you may be notified via email prior to the event if the DJ has confirmed in advance. 

How many times can I submit a track?

You may submit up to two tracks per event. Make them good!

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